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Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - Friday, March 29, 2019

I have taken Adderall for over four years, order buy adderall online cheap price. but there was no doubt that I needed it before then. For me, it was almost impossible for me to sit down and do work. I was always talking in class, and even when I wasn't, I couldn't comprehend what was being taught. School made me emotional because I didn't know that medicine could help me focus and give me a push to help learn the material. I told my doctor one day, that all my frustration and anxiety was from not being able to focus. I told him that I couldn't focus, even when I really wanted to learn. I was put on a low dose and monitored, but it made a tremendous difference. I take 30 mg twice a day, but everyone is different. My body metabolizes the Adderall fast. If you have a history of mental illness, your doctor may act with caution, as Adderall can aid as a stimulant for depression and anxiety. My focus and intelligence increased immensely, but the side effects for me were a bit drastic. I rapidly lost weight, I became antisocial and just wanted to do schoolwork, and my sleep schedule was messed up. It happened fast, I could lose almost 5–10 pounds a week without feeling any sense of hunger. Over the next few months, I looked sick. However, since it has been four years, I have learned to make myself eat a big breakfast and dinner. My sleep has balanced out, as well.